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When two attitudes collide we must strive to strike a balance between the two attitudes. Experimenters theorized that people experienced dissonance between the conflicting cognitions "I told someone that the task was interesting", and "I actually found it boring".

The first of the major consistency theories, the balance theory, was proposed by Fritz Heiderand was later revised by Theodore Newcomb Larson, The results of a second round of ratings indicated that the women students increased their ratings of the domestic appliance they had selected as a gift and decreased their ratings of the appliances they rejected.

Failed quitters Quit during the study, but relapsed to smoking at the time of the study. Acta Psychologica, 15, The Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology, 52 3 The disconfirmed prophecy caused them acute cognitive-dissonance: Passionate love is one based upon intense physical attraction with a need to be physically intimate.

In all conditions, they then heard a very boring discussion about sex in lower animals. The high-choice condition asked students to write in favor of tuition increase as if it was their choice and that it was completely voluntary.

Human memory can easily undergo distortion as time passes and other interfering factors coming into place. I will also educate them and give them pieces of written literature on how much they can gain, monetarily, when they decide to get into active recycling.

They could only overcome that dissonance by coming to believe that the tasks really were interesting and enjoyable. Upon leaving the room the experimenter told half the children that there would be a severe punishment if they played with the toy and told the other half that there would be a moderate punishment.

Their replies suggested that the participants who were paid twenty dollars had an external incentive to adopt that positive attitude, and likely perceived the twenty dollars as the reason for saying the task was interesting, rather than saying the task actually was interesting.

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This forces a reaction. We often do not realize the psychological events that take place in our everyday lives. All of the children refrained from playing with the forbidden toy the steam shovel. Guy Burgess and Heidi Burgess.

Conflict, decision, and dissonance Vol. Benevolent sexism refers to the idea of one gender needed to dominate the other for the benefit of the oppressed gender, such as in the overprotection of women or the idealization of women which real people cannot compare to.

This leads to problems later on in life where the adults will not accomplish goals for their own sake, but for the benefits they will receive by their accomplishment. The double-ratings of pairs of things, towards which the rating participant had a neutral attitude, showed no changes during the rating period.

This theory presumes that man is always rational even at the point of committing crimes which is not true.

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Conversely, if the person cannot control or cannot change the psychologically stressful situation, he or she is without a motivation to change the circumstance, then there arise other, negative emotions to manage the cognitive dissonance, such as socially inappropriate behavior.

By introducing cognitive dissonance pointing out the conflict between what people know and dowe can encourage a change in thought or action. However, sometimes we have cognitions that are related, but do not follow from one another.

The occurrence of cognitive dissonance produces a state of negative affectwhich motivates the person to reconsider the causative behaviour, in order to resolve the psychologic inconsistency that caused the mental stress.

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Moreover, upon overcoming the disconfirmed belief by changing to global environmentalism, the cult increased in numbers, by successful proselytism. A companionate love is one based upon companionship, where the two people enjoy each other's company in non-sexual ways.

This is probably because dissonance would be caused if we spent a great effort to achieve something and then evaluated it negatively. Also, the majority of experiments used students as participants, which raise issues of a biased sample. Often a balance in our psyche requires that we not heed the warnings of things to come.

When things go poorly, there is a need to find someone to blame which causes prejudices based on stereotyping. Both forms of sexism deal with the issues of power, sexuality, and separation of gender norms.

In addition, elections where the voter had a favorable attitude toward both candidates, making the choice more difficult, had the opinion differential of the candidates change more dramatically than those who only had a favorable opinion of one candidate.

The Role of Dissonance Reductionpeople afflicted with ophidiophobia fear of snakes who invested much effort in activities of little therapeutic value for them experimentally represented as legitimate and relevant showed improved alleviation of the symptoms of their phobia.

University students had to write a paper depending on if they were assigned to a high-choice or low-choice condition. Between two parties, dissonance may arise from:This essay explores the dual nature of cognitive dissonance and how it can be utilized for constructive outcomes.

– similar to cognitive dissonance theory in that it involves cognitive consistency – relative deprivation: comparing your situation to others’.

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For Only $/page. This book first presents a brief description of the theoretical statement of cognitive dissonance as it appeared in Festinger's book Theory of Cognitive Dissonance. Relative Deprivation Injustice Vector And the Conflict Helix. Chapter 4. Misperception, Cognitive Dissonance, Righteousness, and Conflict Misperception Cognitive Dissonance Expectations For an understanding of conflict, relative deprivation is most appropriately understood as a sense of injustice in comparison with.

Define cognitive dissonance and describe why we try to reduce it. Cognitive dissonance occurs when a person's beliefs or actions are contradictory to other held beliefs.

We try to reduce this problem because it is unsettling and makes it difficult to make decisions. Cognitive Dissonance is described as the theory that assumes that to reduce discomfort, we justify our actions to ourselves (Myers, ).

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Cognitive dissonance relative deprivation essay
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