How to write a case series bmj classified

The Case Report CARE guidelines 3 were developed following a three-phase consensus process and provide a item checklist that can assist researchers in publishing complete and meaningful exposition of medical information. Having consent to interview or examine a patient or to read his or her clinical notes is not enough: If, for example, you are going to claim that a hospital employed a doctor who was not properly qualified, and it did not investigate complaints against that doctor, you must put all the allegations in full to the hospital management, so that it has the chance to answer each and every one of the allegations.

This discovery was published, as a case series report, in the correspondence section in New England Journal of Medicine[ 29 ]. Letter to the editor N Engl J Med. Boston Med Surg J. It was difficult to find good search terms for our objective.

Or a relabeling might change the attitude to and treatment of a condition. One example is the suggestion of incorporating the narrative, i.

For all manuscripts please provide a statement describing any relevant interests of all authors in the appropriate box on submission for guidance on relevant competing interests read the BMJ declaration.

Intellectual property rights On submission the Corresponding Author will be asked to agree the following terms and conditions: It might inspire physicians to spend more time browsing and reading scientific literature [ 48 ]. Physical restraint and near death of a psychiatric patient.

Writing a BMJ Case Report

As a consequence we have not analyzed or discussed the various non-medical factors affecting the publication of case reports in different medical journals [ 2 ]. It is a weakness that we have not been able to review all the relevant literature.

Bias Publication bias could be a limiting factor. Common questions covered are: Results Merits New observations The major advantage of case reporting is probably its ability to detect novelties [ 16 ]. Case Reports [16] is an open access, peer-reviewed journal publishing all aspects of pathology, regardless of the system affected.

The medical literature is replete with case-based articles describing new diseases and syndromes.Apr 23,  · Throughout history the clinical case report and case report series have been integral components of medical literature. The case report genre held a strong position until it was sidelined in the second half of the 20 th century [2,3].

New methodologies for research articles paved the way for evidence-based medicine. A case series needs to have an educational message and must provide evidence of how the case contributes to our understanding of the condition/treatment.

Please note that case series should not be submitted on the case reports template, and, if accepted, will not be published in BMJ Case. At The BMJ, we offer authors the opportunity to submit a range of article types.

Instructions for Authors

Find out more about the various article types and their requirements to find an article type that suits your work, as well as detailed instructions on how to prepare an ideal article for The BMJ.

There are two templates: one for full cases and one for Images in (the latter are very brief articles comprising 1 or 2 striking and/or clinically important images with a brief description of the educational message).

WJES and case reports/case series

To help you write full case reports we have prepared. Instructions for Authors. BMJ Case Reports is an important educational resource that offers a high volume of cases across all disciplines.

WJES and case reports/case series

How to write for BMJ Case Reports. On submission you will be asked to complete a series of fields as follows. BMJ Case Reports is a journal specifically dedicated to peer-reviewed case reports.

Case Report or Series

Their website also has information about how to write a case report. An article about how to write a patient case report: How to write a patient case report. By Henry Cohen The American College of Physicians has a useful website on case reports.

How to write a case series bmj classified
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