Literature review on online shopping 2012

Taken together, these findings provide evidence for a change in a variety of brain regions as a consequence of Internet addiction. All participants completed the modified Internet Addiction Test [ 72 ]. Well, for most people, privacy and security issues are their concerns.

Professional gamers had increased gray matter volume in lCG, and decreased gray matter in lmOG and rITG relative to the control group, increased gray matter in lCG, and decreased left thalamus gray matter relative to the problem online gamers.

Results showed that Internet addicts had a longer reaction time and more response errors in incongruent conditions compared to controls.

The strength of this study include its quasi-experimental nature as well as the verification of self-reports with behavioral data. The temporal regions are involved in auditory processing, comprehension and verbal memory, whereas the occipital regions take care of visual processing.

This appears to indicate that rather than being detrimental to perception speed and auditory stimuli processing, Internet addiction may have no effect on these specific brain functions. Consequently, the presence of an actual game goal a characteristic of most conventional online games that are rule-based rather than pure role-playing gamesmodified brain activity via behavior.

Internet and Gaming Addiction: A Systematic Literature Review of Neuroimaging Studies

The authors carried out a whole brain voxel-wise analysis of fractional anisotropy FA by tract-based spatial statistics TBSSand volume of interest analysis was performed using diffusion tensor imaging DTI via a 3.

All participants underwent fMRI 3.

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Thus, after reviewing these three reliable sources related to the privacy and security issues of online shopping, I can see some interconnections between them. Due to its experimental nature, this study was able to provide insight into idiosyncratic brain activation as a consequence of gaming in a healthy i.

While most consumers trust big and well established online merchant such as CD Universe, Travelocity, Columbia House and Ikea, these big companies still receive frequent security threats Kandra As the prominent method of payment is credit card, consumers should be more aware in handling it Therefore, validity and reliability of the findings are increased.

Some of the credit card issuers also have some sorts of protection that consumers should apply for. The question is, why do many people still deny to shop online? It was argued that there is a similar biological basis of different addictions including online gaming addiction.

Also, as Todd Richter who is the president of Girlshop an e-commerce site had said, consumers should always be aware of the security technology used by merchant sites They also reported that increased craving for Internet video games correlated with increased activity in the anterior cingulate for all participants.

Nevertheless, consumers still consider both as their main concern for online shopping as suggested in the survey The authors carried out fMRI using a 1.

The longitudinal nature of this study allows for a determination of cause and effect, which emphasizes the validity and reliability of the presented findings. Well, for most people, privacy and security issues are their concerns. The results showed that Internet addicts had lower NoGo-N2 amplitudes representing response inhibition—conflict monitoringhigher NoGo-P3 amplitudes inhibitory processes—response evaluationand longer NoGo-P3 peak latency when compared to controls.

The quasi-experimental nature of this study allowed for an actual comparison of the two groups by exposing them to a gaming situation and thus artificially inducing a neuronal reaction that was a consequence of the engagement in the task. He added by saying that hackers could easily infiltrate and get customers personal information online as online shoppers are not anonymous.

Now, after knowing that privacy and security issues are vital for consumers in online shopping, I would like to know the emphasis in the real world. Though the book can be used with different versions of Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice and OpenOffice Calc, and other spreadsheet application software, this edition only presents Excel spreadsheet features and functions, and Visual Basic for Application in its appendices.

The participants completed psychological tests i.Also, a literature review can be interpreted as a review of an abstract accomplishment. The objective of this study is to investigate the factors affecting online shopping.

A model explaining the impact of different factors on online shopping intentions and behavior is developed based on the theory of planned behavior. 63 I. Literature Review: Books & e-books Online shopping evaluation Barnes () questions the reasoning why online shopping has become so popular.

The literature review of the Online vs. Offline consumer behavior shows that there were significant differences between consumers attracted to shopping online versus in. OSAM (Online Shopping Acceptance Model) to explain consumer acceptance of online shopping.

Our literature survey reveals that a myriad of factors have been examined in the context of online shopping and mixed results on. it is an literature review on online advertisements by kaleemmib. it is an literature review on online advertisements.

Market Segmentation-review of Literature. Advertising Effectiveness Research Project. Online Advertising stated that women have a more positive attitude than men towards online shopping. Schlosser et al /5(3). Jul 31,  · New to this edition are examples drawn from a wide range of disciplines, a new chapter on conducting a systematic review, increased coverage of issues of evaluating quality and conducting reviews using online sources and online literature and enhanced guidance in dealing with copyright and permissions issues.

Literature review on online shopping 2012
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